The concern for our environment is a real time issue that stares us in the eye at every moment. Despite this gloomy news, small lifestyle changes can usher a long-lasting, positive impact, and we may still be able to leave a cleaner, habitable planet for generations to come.

Since our first day in business nearly a decade ago, we have always supported our suppliers who commit to environmentally forward thinking and offer market alternatives to everyday common pollutants.

We are proud to share that:

  • All our candle products are made with undiluted, domestic vegetable based soy wax.
  • Our wick assemblies are made with oranically grown cotton and paper core.
  • Our containers are sourced from recycled or recyclable components both glass and metal.
  • Our packaging consists of paperboard that is sourced from protected forests – SFI compliant.
  • We use vegetable based inks for all packaging and marketing materials.
  • Our packaging is made with 100% wind energy.
  • Our fragrance diffusers and room sprays contain no alcohol or other harmful volatile chemicals.
  • Our personal care products contain no harsh sulfates or parabens.

We are happy that you support businesses that support the environment. For more information on other ways to find practical environmental solutions, visit the Environmental Defense Fund atĀ