About Us

Hello and Welcome! Whether you’re new to Bluewick, or have been one of our many loyal followers over the past decade, we would like you to know a bit about us and our vision of bringing you the best in home fragrance products on the market today.

Since that very first day in 1998, Bluewick has specialized in dazzlingly fresh fragrances fashioned from complex blends of natural ingredients, all captured in pure soy wax candles and luxurious body care products.  The comforting atmosphere created when a Bluewick candle is lit and enjoyed is the carefully crafted handiwork of Art Maruyama, and it’s also the quality that makes Bluewick an eternally popular commodity.

Art discovered his passion for vibrant scents – and, ultimately, his inspiration for Bluewick – right in his own backyard. When he was younger, it was a tangerine tree behind his house that he recalls so vividly, “the biggest, most fragrant tangerines I’ve ever seen,”. The piquant scent that emanated from that fresh citrus as his mother sliced it into juicy wedges left his senses tingling. The memory stirs his emotions even today.

So it was fitting that when Art decided to try his hand at candle making, his first creation would be “Tangier”, a luscious super blend of tangerine, vanilla and other high energy citrus notes. In 1995, he began experimenting in his apartment kitchen, recreating a childhood memory through a fragrance that perfectly mimicked the sweetness of his favorite fruit in a brilliantly made, hand-poured candle. Turns out, Art was not the tangerine’s only fan.  He began selling his wares at local farmer’s market events in and around Los Angeles and soon found himself with a loyal following, all clamoring for more.

From that humble beginning came Bluewick, which now boasts five distinct collections of long-lasting luxury candles and personal care accessories in more than fifty varieties. Back in the early 90’s, Bluewick was the first candle maker to use 100% soy wax in its products – which makes for longer burn times, less smoke and soot, and greater indulgent fragrance. And true to both form and tradition, the aromas are most often comprised of piquant citrus and lush fruits.

For Art and many others, Bluewick is about the vibrant memories, passions, and youthful effervescence that come flooding back with the slightest whiff of a familiar fragrance.  His cleverly adapted slogan “life smells good”, truly embodies his passion for life and all things that make us smile.